Howard Alum Jabari Johnson recently launched his Kickstarter Campaign for the 2nd season of Jabari Presents. Jabari Presents functions as an online series, featuring a peek inside the world of those influential in all aspects of the public forum including but not limited to artists, actors, and athletes. Season 2 steps outside the box with entertainers who have taken an unconventional path to success. “I went to Howard because I knew I wanted to be in entertainment,” says Johnson, “I wanted to show everyone the grind that these performers and entertainers had. I wanted that in-depth look into their lives.”  Johnson’s dream grew and grew and has landed him a series entitled Face to Face with BET.Com

“Challenge what’s on television right now.” Johnson begins, “so many students have that energy [with independent film] and lose it once they become a professional. Jump on Kickstarter and put your dreams out there.” Jabari Presents: Season 2 will premiere August 2012 will be released bi-weekly and is estimated to reach millions of viewers.

To Find Out How To Donate to Jabari Johnson’s Campaign Click Here

 Photos by Antoine Griffin



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