Look out HU because the class of 2016 is full of students who exempt creativity and talent. One student who will be sure to make a mark on the mecca is DJ Such n’ Such from Chicago, Illinois. Such n’ Such has been producing since he was 13 and began spinning around the same time. He put a hiatus on his hobby as an underclassman in high school and picked it back up heavily junior year when he began playing the trumpet and fell in love with jazz. He is currently apart of an upcoming team of artist in Chicago called SaveMoney  which including the band “Kids These Days”, Chance The Rapper, Caleb James, producer Thelonious Martin and others.

I want to be able to give people something to hold on to or find bliss in and I want to do it through the way I find it myself, which is music. I don’t want the music to just be good, but I’m aiming to try and make timeless music along with a timeless name and when I say that, I think of all of the great producers/musicians and how people have found life in their music decades after it’s put out and will be able to find it in years to come and think “that’s what I want to be for people.”

DJ Such n’ Such plans to be heavily involved in the music program at Howard University as a Music Education major. Be sure to download his most recent mixtape Yesterday Comes Tomorrow by clicking the cover.


Follow him on Twitter @iTzSuchNSuch and Facebook Marcus SuchNSuch Prince

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